Thursday, January 3, 2008

Something Yummy I Made: Fabric as Art

So recently I have decided that I really need to get in gear and start decorating the bare walls of my little apartment. I love modern art, with bright colors but even small prints at Target were at least $20 (As a newlywed, some times $20 bucks plus shipping and handling can seem expensive). So as I was roaming the Ikea showroom I saw a series of three pieces of art hanging on a wall. The colors and design were perfect for that room, actually I wanted them for own house, so I walked over to check the price. To my surprise, they had a tag hanging from them saying something like, "For a fresh look, just cover with fabric!" Those Ikea guys really know what they're doing. I should have known! (Apparently it's not just them, but creative people everywhere have been improvising and making their own chic art to fill their homes - sorry I'm a little behind.)
Needless to say, I was so happy to see this as it will definitely cost less than buying it, and I can always just change the fabric for something new. So I googled "canvas covered with fabric art." Here is the article that will be my guide when I make my new wall art! I will be posting pictures when this comes to fruition. Get excited!


lacy said...

awesome. nice work. can't wait to see the final product on your own walls. pictures please.