Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yummy Wear: Kid Shoes

I have a huge shoe fetish!  Not only do I love shoes for myself, I love to find cute adorable shoes for my kids.   One of my favorites is Puddle Jumper.  I love all their polka dot shoes collection. I have been putting my daughter in their shoes for years.  People always comment on how adorable her shoes are.  My daughter's favorite was the orange with white polka dots.  

I never have problems finding adorable little girl shoes but I do have a harder time with little boy shoes...until now!  Pedipeds has the yummiest little boys shoes.   Not only are they cute, they are really good for your baby's developing feet because of the soft soles.  They also have super yummy little girl shoes.  Could these shoes be any cuter?


Anonymous said...

angie! awesome! good job posting, it looks fabulous. im so proud.

lacy said...

yay for angie's first post; i've been waiting for it! it's awesome that you guys are doing this. love the shoes. nice job.

The Albertsen Family said...

Noelle is on her second pair of Puddle Jumpers and we get more comments about her cute shoes than anything.