Thursday, December 13, 2007

Something Yummy I Made: Ornaments & Onsies

Ok so I skipped yesterday (sorry!) so today you get two lovely doses of yummy-ness. While stalking my friends blogs (as I usually do) I stumbled upon my friends' sisters blog. She is a mom-to-be and very crafty and creative (like my friend!). I began reading through some of her posts and found a couple things that were very inspiring and yummy.
To continue from my previous post, the first project was this homemade ornament.

Don't you just love him? Seriously. She found the pattern for making this joyous little owl here. I was actually really inspired just by this picture, but after visiting the site she got the pattern from, it was official. What is even better about this idea is that the maker/designer of the Owl Ornament says that if you aren't up to the task, throw the required items in a clear freezer bag and suddenly you have a fabulously yummy gift for any dear friends ready to go! Hopefully sometime before this Christmas season is over this little friend will be hanging on my tree!

The second project (by the way I hate the word project - just sounds like no fun...these are definitely fun ideas...) was a personalized onsie, perfect for any son, daughter, niece, or nephew (in my case) or grandkid.

As any new mom knows, onsies are a must, but why not spice them up with a simple design to give it that personal touch. She gives a detailed description and offers her email should any of us that are not as crafts-inclined have questions. My sister-in-law just had a little girl and I'm thinking about giving this a whirl...hopefully it turns out and it will be a fitting Christmas present. I will keep you posted!


lacy said...

i love it! awesome finds, you (guys?) is angie posting anything? you should separate your i.d. tags, so we know who is posting. i love this blog, people!