Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Something Yummy To Carry Your Yummies!

How cool are these stackable cupcake holders.  This cupcake carrier is by The Cupcake Courier. Each stack holds 12 cupcakes, three stacks in all.  Wow, 36 cupcakes!  All the other cupcake carriers I've seen only carries 12 regular cupcakes and they are not stackable.  I love the four colors they offer, (blue sky, saffron yellow, petal pink and lemon grass).  They are all soft, translucent and looks heavenly.  You can purchase them on their website or I found them for $29.99 on Amazon.  I can't wait to deliver my Valentines Day cupcakes for my daughter's school in this cool courier. 


lacy said...

Oh my gosh- I love those. I totally wish I made cupcakes now!

Anonymous said...

these are truly fabulous! wow...great find, Angie!