Sunday, February 24, 2008

Something Yummy: Pull Apart Bread

Is anyone familiar with Sam the Cooking Guy?  It is a local San Diego cooking show featuring Sam, a quirky non-professional chef.  He verges on annoying but not enough to change the channel.  Sam's recipes are simple and not intimidating.  Many times his episodes  focus on a single ingredient like: how many dishes can he make from rotisserie chicken, gravy or bread. Well, I was watching his show the other day and one of his dishes looked so good, I had to immediately go to the store, buy the ingredients and make it.  It was Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread.  Instead of using regular bread dough, Sam used biscuit dough and it made this dish so much yummier than what I've tasted before.  Because I don't like raisins baked into my food, I omitted it and instead put in a couple tablespoons of orange juice concentrate into the sugar, butter mixture.  I loved it and so did everyone else who sampled it because the plate was licked clean within an hour.  Try it, I know you will love it!


lacy said...

can't wait to try it; i'll let you know how it goes!