Monday, May 26, 2008

Yummy Wear: H&M

I am so excited to announce the long awaited arrival of H&M in San Diego.  If you don't know what H&M is, it is pretty much a one stop shop for the entire family.  It's hip and it's cheap and you can pretty much incorporate pieces for everybody's style.  The San Diego store just open at the Otay Ranch Center last weekend.  I love getting layering pieces from there.  I can't get a way with wearing a lot of their clothes (because I'm just not that cool),but I especially love shopping there for my kids because it's cheap and not every kid is wearing it.  What ever you see in the fashion magazines you will get a knock-off at H&M.  The only sad thing about H&M is they don't have an online store.  That is why I am so excited we finally have one here in San Diego!


Prescott family said...

Hey we need to play a shopping trip to the new H&M - I haven't been there yet!!
Do you even check this anymore??