Thursday, September 10, 2009

Something Yummy: Cupcake Fashions

How adorable are these cupcake papers from Bella Cupcake Couture
It''s Couture for your cupcakes.  I don't think cupcakes need any help in trying to make them look yummier by dressing it up in high fashion but it's still adorable and it would make me feel more special if I got a tasty cupcake wrapped in one of these.  These fabulous fashions are $12 for a package of 12.
The problem with couture is, it's expensive.  That's why I like knock-offs.  It's just as cute and best of all, you don't have buyers remorse.  Especially with cupcakes where the cupcake is devoured within seconds without really appreciating the beautiful paper it is wrapped in.  I love the papers that Bella Couture has to offer but I just can't fork over even a dollar when no one but me is going to care what the cupcake is dressed in.  That is why I decided to look in my pile of scrapbook paper leftovers and fashion my own eye candy.  Cut the paper to size, cut the top with decorative scissor, tape it with double sided tape and within 30 seconds, I have a one of a kind masterpiece couture!  You can decorate it more with ribbons and paper flowers and give it to someone special for any occasion.  But I'm really like a man when it comes to this-who cares what it's wearing, I don't want it to be too difficult to get to.  I just want to devour!